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Hull Chants อันดับ(เพจ 4) ฟุตบอล Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

10409 Andy Dawson (Clap) For Hull City's top stopper. รายการที่เล่น
10505 Woah Hand Ball Goes on a good while รายการที่เล่น
11109 Hughes Sang to Bryan Hughes รายการที่เล่น
11363 Frazier Campbell Had his best years at Hull, his goals took us up รายการที่เล่น
11538 Allez Allez Oh Sung at home and away รายการที่เล่น
12425 Super Hull City And We're Staying Up Hull City are staying up (Ed: Er, as we write this, this statement isn't 100%) รายการที่เล่น
13282 Myhill In The Middle Of Our Goal Sang to our goalkeeper boaz myhill
13293 George Boatang Inspirational midfielder for the Hull
13319 Nick Barm-By By By Made Up for Hull Born Nick Barmby
13368 Feed The Scousers Sang Against Liverpool when Hull we're 2-0 up at Anfield
  Premier League Betting
13535 5-4 Sang to Manchester City when they were winning 4-0 and 4-1
13550 Are You Arsenal In Disguise Sang against Tottenham Hotspur just after beating Arsenal 2-1.
13580 You're Not From Manchester Sung to the glory supporters at Man Utd
13581 City Of Hull Is Wonderful Could be sang?
13622 Caleb Folan sung at away/home games
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