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Hull Chants อันดับ(เพจ 4) ฟุตบอล Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

11830 That Boy Geovani From when he scored the equalizer at Arsenal
11839 Peter Halmosi Tune of Viva Ronaldo
11850 You Are My City Great Hull City footie song
11874 Geovanni Song! LET'S GET EVERYONE TO SING THIS SATURDAY! Song for geovanni, a bit more creative than just GIO GIO
11995 Jimmy The Best By Far Short but effective
12432 He's Here He's There Sung to the captain
12749 Back To Your S*** Hole Sang to most teams but mostly from London.
13060 4-1 Up You Still Don't Sing Sang to Man Utd when we were losing 4-1 and they wern't singing. (But we had a great comeback)
13097 Zayatte Ooooh Hull fans song for Kamil Zayatte
13152 105 Years when opposite fans say about our lack of throphies and no history
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13270 Ashbee Fans referring to Ashbees Dads spoon bending skills.
13361 You're Not Fit To Referee Sang to a crap ref normally Mike Riley
13373 We're Just Too Good For You Sang to teams we are beating by a wide margin, e.g. West Brom 3-0
13461 You're Supposed To Be At Home Cr*p support from the home team รายการที่เล่น
13574 Caleb Folan Feed The Foal Caleb Folan chant.
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