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Hull Chants อันดับ(เพจ 4) ฟุตบอล Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

8110 Disco Danny Cousin Could be sang to Danny Cousin after he danced after the Hull City vs Arsenal game
8116 Kiamil Zayatte Plays For Guinea Kamil Zayatte Hulls Guinea international
8137 S*** Ground No Fans Sang to teams with crap grounds and lots of empty seats, Obiously not the KC
8169 Browny Knock Him Out Sang to Phil Brown whist he was arguing with Kinnear in the FA cup 3rd round Replay.
8461 East Stand/North Stand Could be longer but the miserable so-and-sos in the west stand won't join in!
8589 There's Only One Ken Bates Taking the p*ss out of Leeds for their owner who they hate รายการที่เล่น
8596 Geo! Sang to Geovanni after he does something special which is most of the time
8629 Garcia Ooooh Sang to Richard Garcia
8679 Tell The Board That We'll Be There.... New Tigers chant
8949 You're Not Very Good Sang after a crap shot/pass/cross ect
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9003 Just Can't Get Enough Sung by Hull City away
9047 We All Hate Leeds Scum Simple but effective; tells them Leeds lot what we think of em รายการที่เล่น
9052 Elland Road Is Falling Down What a state Leeds' stadium is รายการที่เล่น
9093 We've Scored More Goals Then U've Got Stands Sang to Bournemouth many years ago when city scored 4 and they only had three stands.
9395 We All Follow A Black And Amber Team Yellow Submarine gets the city treatment.
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