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6 Wolves เพลง & amp ฟุตบอล Chants

Bark at the loon, keep tut track.

78 Mouyokolo Sang in the style of "Ridin Solo" by Jason Derulo.
142 S*it Refs We always get em
202 The Rocks our defence
387 How Do You Watch This. Having a go at Stokes style of football
409 Take Me Home Waterloo Road
568 White Pele - Matt Jarvis Matt Jarvis
665 De De Der Michael Kightly Another for the wispy winger. รายการที่เล่น
753 Zubar big d*ck
792 On the Pitch QPR at home
869 You're Not Very Good Sung when the opposite team are sh*t
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899 Sit Down and Behave Yourselves Thats better
956 Row Row Row Ya Boat ;) Goes with row row row ya boat ;)
1105 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles West Ham chant is now a Wolves chant
1143 We All Hate Leeds Dirty Northern B@stards รายการที่เล่น
1295 Referee's a W**ker! Good old Referee chant when things arent going our way...
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